Come Join Us

Contribute something of great value. Demonstrate your support for the use of native plants. Feel the sense of accomplishment that comes from seeing the improvements you make. You’ll grow in wisdom about Pacific N.W. native plants as you work with knowledgeable and experienced native plant enthusiasts.

Current Volunteer Opportunities In the Garden

  • Wednesdays between 10:30 and 2:30 from April to October
  • Show up with gloves and weeding tool.
  • Some knowledge of gardening is helpful but not essential.


Join the Weeding Team or the Path Maintenance Team

  • Approximately 2 hours per week. Come by the garden on a Wednesday to learn more.

In Our Native Plant Nursery

Our Native Plant Nursery

Our Native Plant Nursery

  • Dig, pot up and label starts from the garden for our nursery.
  • Move small plants to larger pots
  • Grow our seeds
  • Come on Wednesdays or email at

As a Steward or Steward’s Assistant for a particular area in the garden

  • Each garden area mimics a Northwest native ecosystem. Each has a Steward who tends to the special needs in that area.
  • The Steward also helps to decide which plants will be procured and planted there.
  • Stewards should plan to spend 2-3 hours per week and usually learn more because of their focused involvement.
  • Support is gained from other volunteers and by joining the Plant Selection Team.
  • Come by the garden to learn more or contact Linda Landkammer at

On our Plant Selection Team

  • Meet monthly to become familiar with a variety of native plants and their needs. We’ll decide which new species to add to our collection and where to place them in the garden.More info: Robin Nye 360.385.9611

More Great Ways to Help

As our Publicity/Community Liaison

  • Submit press releases
  • Dispatch emails to contact list.
  • Seek out avenues to raise our profile in the community.

As our Irrigation Support Person

  • Connect and maintain the timed drip irrigation system, once a week, from June 15 to September 15. Some experience with leaks helpful.

As Chair of our Advisory/Planning Committee

  • The members of this committee are waiting for someone to step forward to organize and lead these meetings. Contact Linda Landkammer if interested;
  • Meet monthly to decide the future of the garden’s public outreach.
  • Help plan educational and fund raising events.

Support our Local Mission and Vision As a Donor

  • Fund the cost of plants, materials and occasional specialized labor.
  • Contribute the actual materials such as boulders, equipment and lumber.
  • Provide skilled labor; carpenters, landscapers, masons and other specialists needed.