Welcome to Kul Kah Han Native Plant Garden


Our passion is to inspire and guide our regional community toward
the appreciation, cultivation and use of plants native to the Pacific Northwest.”

There are eight distinct areas in this one acre garden. Each represents the essence of a particular Pacific Northwest ecosystem or “plant community”

Damp ForestDry ForestEdgelandMeadowMontaneSubalpineWetland, 
Shoreline Area coming soon!

❊ Our signage and informational kiosk will enhance your experience.
❊ We specialize in plants that were originally growing in the Pacific Northwest before Europeans arrived in the late 1700s. Geographically this includes S.W. British Columbia, western Washington, western Oregon and the Columbia River Gorge. Some of our plants are also found in S.E. Alaska and northern CA.
❊ We sponsor educational presentations on related subjects such as wildlife habitat, beneficial mycorrhizae, wise water use, propagation, ethnobotany, sustainable landscaping and more.
❊ We invite other organizations to collaborate with us.
❊ We offer a venue for others to hold gatherings in this beautiful and educational setting.


Dodecatheon hendersonii (Henderson’s shooting star) in Montane garden bed

We encourage environmental responsibility
through the cultivation of native plants

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