Wetland Garden Area


IN THE WILD – Found at any elevation where the soil is saturated for part of the growing season. Usually in bogs and swamps and often occurring near lakes, ponds and streams. The soil is usually peaty and acidic in either sun or part shade. Sedges and rushes predominate along with shrubs such as Labrador tea. Flowers may include; kneeling angelica, white marsh marigold, Oregon saxifrage and Cooley’s hedge nettle.
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IN YOUR GARDEN –Wetlands abound in the Pacific Northwest. Many homeowners will have swampy areas on their property. There are numerous fine plants to choose from for this special situation.  Its important to know that wetland plants thrive when you add peat to the soil when planting. Learn more about Wetland plant species in the list below by reading about them or observing them in person at Kul Kah Han’s Garden and then try them in your own garden.

Wetland Native Plants

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Andromeda polifolia – Bog Rosemary
Ledum groenlandicumLabrador Tea
Myrica gale – Sweet Gale

Angelica genuflexa – Kneeling Angelica
Caltha palistris ssp. asarifolia – Yellow Marsh Marigold
Caltha leptosepala – White Marsh Marigold
Eupatorium perfoliatum – Western Boneset
Geum rivale – Purple Avens
Mentha arvensis – Field Mint
Mimulus cardinalis – Red Monkeyflower
Mimulus guttatus – Yellow Monkeyflower
Mimulus lewisii – Pink Monkeyflower
Micranthes oregana – Oregon Saxifrage
Sidalcea hendersonii – Henderson’s Checker Mallow
Stachys cooleyae – Cooley’s Hedgenettle
Viola palustris – Marsh Violet

Carex comosa – Longhair Sedge
Carex obnupta – Slough Sedge
Carex stipata – Sawbeak Sedge