Dry Forest Garden Area

Collomia grandiflora – Large flowered Collomia (Dry)

Collomia grandiflora – Large flowered Collomia (Dry)

IN THE WILD – Sea level to 1950’ elev. As in all forests, the soil is rich in organic matter. Dry forests occur where the sun enters more open areas, requiring plants that tolerate less moisture such as the Douglas Maple tree, the Oregon Grape shrub, Sword Fern, and the flowers; Northern Goldenrod, Douglas Iris and Broad Leaved Penstemon.
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AT KUL KAH HAN’S GARDEN – The first 150′ of planting beds, at the edge of the natural forest (beginning near the parking island) is the Damp Forest. This is where we grow plants that appreciate adequate water.  The next 125′ is our Dry Forest area, in which we grow native plants that are quite drought tolerant.

Dry Forest Native Plants

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Acer glabrum – Douglas Maple
Amelanchier alnifolia –
Alnus rubra
– Red Alder
Pinus contorta – Shore Pine
Pseudotsuga menziesii
– Douglas Fir (DRY OR DAMP)
Sorbus sitchensis
– Sitka Mountain Ash

Berberis aquifolium – Tall Oregon Grape
Berberis piperiana – Piper Barberry
Corylus cornuta – Beaked Hazlenut
Gaultheria shallon – Salal
Paxistima myrsinites – Oregon Boxwood

Ribes aureum – Golden Flowering Currant

Ribes sanguineum – Red Flowering Currant
Ribes sanguineum – Flowering Currant “White Icicle”
Rosa nutkana – Nootka Rose
Rubus parviflorus
– Thimbleberry

Sambucus caerulea – Blue Elderberry
Shepherdia canadensis – Soapberry
Umbellularia californica – Bay Laurel

Lonicera ciliosa – Orange Flowered Honeysuckle

Collomia grandiflora – Large flowered Collomia
Geum macrophyllum
– Large-Leaved Avens

Iris douglasiana –
Douglas’ Iris
Penstemon ovatus – Broad Leaf  Penstemon
Solidago canadensis – Canada Goldenrod
Tellima grandiflora –
Vancouveria hexandra
– Inside-out Flower (DAMP OR DRY)
Viola orbiculata – Round Leaf Viola

Dryopteris expansa – Wood Fern
Polystichum munitum
 – Sword Fern

Dry Forest  Artwork by AA Miles

Dry Forest Artwork by AA Miles

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