Plant Sales and Events


Click to download this year’s flyer: Kul-Kah-Han-Plant-Sale-Flyer-2018

Saturday, May 5 – 9:00am-12:30pm
HJ Carroll Park (on Hwy 19 in Chimacum)  – At the smaller Picnic Shelter

Over 250 species of native plants are growing in our garden. About 45 of them are mature enough to bless us with offspring that we can pot up for you to purchase.

Two thirds of the financing for the development and maintenance of the garden comes from our Spring and Fall plant sales and we very much appreciate your patronage.

2018 Plant Sale Inventory:

Allium cernuum– Nodding Onion
Caltha palustris– Yellow Marsh-marigold
Campanula rotundifolia– Bluebells
Coptis laciniata– Cut-leaved Goldthread
Dodecatheon hendersonii– Henderson’s Shooting Star
Eriophyllum lanatum– Woolly Sunflower
Fragaria chiloensis– Coast Strawberry
Fragaria vesca– Wood Strawberry
Geum macrophyllum– Large-leaved Avens
Heuchera chlorantha– Tall Alumroot
Iris douglasiana– Douglas’ Iris
Iris tenax– Oregon Iris
Lomatium utriculatum– Spring Gold
Lupinus polyphyllus– Large-leaved Lupine
Maianthemum dilatatum– False Lily of the Valley
Mimulus guttatus– Yellow Monkeyflower
Mertensia platyphylla– Broad-leaved Bluebells
Oxalis oregana– Redwood Sorrel
Penstemon cardwellii– Cardwell’s Penstemon
Penstemon ovatus– Broad-leaved Penstemon
Petasites palmatus– Coltsfoot
Polystichum munitum– Sword Fern
Potentilla gracilis– Graceful Cinquefoil
Potentilla anserina– Silverweed
Potentilla flabelliflolia–  Fan-leaved Cinquefoil
Stachys cooleyae– Cooley’s Hedgenettle
Sedum spathulifolium– Broad-leaved Stonecrop
Sisyrinchium idahoense– Blue-eyed Grass
Tellima grandiflora– Fringecup
Vancouveria hexandra–  Inside Out Flower
Viola glabella– Yellow Violet
Viola sempervirens– Evergreen Violet

Plectritis congesta– Sea Blush
Clarkia amoena– Farewell to Spring

Carex comosa–  Longhair Sedge
Carex deweyanna–  Dewey’s Sedge
Carex obnupta–  Slough Sedge
Carex stipata– Sawbeak Sedge
Deschampsia cespitosa– Tufted Hairgrass
Dichanthelium acuminatum– Panic Grass

Shrubs & Trees
Berberis nervosa– Low Oregon Grape
Cornus sericea– Red Osier dogwood
Oemleria cerasiformis– Indian Plum or Osoberry
Physocarpus capitatus– Pacific Ninebark
Pseudotsuga menzeisii– Douglas Fir
Rubus parviflorus– Thimbleberry
Picea sitchensis– Sitka Spruce
Philadelphus lewisii– Mock Orange
Ribes sanguineum– Red-flowering Currant
Sambucus racemosa– Red Elderberry
Symphoricarpos albus– Snowberry

We hope to see you there!