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Linda Landkammer– wild4nature2023@gmail.com Linda’s desire to see these gardens become a reality is fueled by her deep appreciation of the beauty in native trees, shrubs, grasses and flowers. Years of hiking the Cascades and Olympics revealed how breathtaking these plants can be when growing in the wild. Kul Kah Han’s Garden was designed to capture the essence of ecosystems in the wild not only to extend the aesthetic joy to our greater community but also to create an outdoor laboratory for learning about the plants. “I enjoy witnessing the continuing development of these gardens as well as sharing the experience with others who are also attracted to the beauty of native plants”  In her 24 year career as a landscape designer, incorporating native plants into a design was always a high priority.  “My ‘previous career’ as school teacher, administrator and curriculum designer has left me with a continuing desire to bring to others a deeper awareness of native plants and the other beings such as fish, birds, animals, insects, fungus and the beautiful interplay that occurs between them.”

GARDEN STEWARDSE. Bay Park Property 289

Robin Nye, Forest Garden Steward “Encouraging the public to recognize, enjoy, appreciate and cultivate native plants is important work. The list of benefits is long. I am proud to be a part of the movement that broadcasts this message.”

Matt Berberich: Irrigation Installer

mattberb@yahoo.com phone  360 554 8037
When we needed to stretch the capability of our water line to reach the new plantings in the extended Forest area, Matt dug the trench and installed a new hose bib, all with totally professional aplomb. Matt learned about horticulture and landscaping while participating in a degree program at Longwood Gardens in Philadelphia and through internships in New Zealand and at Heronswood Nursery in Kingston, Wa.  He has been practicing fine gardening professionally for the past 11 years. His company, Matthew Berberich -Professional Gardening Services offers garden design and installation, renovation, maintenance, rock work and irrigation.

Lilly Berry, Treasurer
lillyberry007@yahoo.comLilly says she knew nothing about native plants before volunteering at a native plant nursery and National Park in Northern California. However, when relocating to Jefferson County, she brought with her a deep appreciation for native plants and a great desire to become acquainted with the local natives. “I decided that a good way to learn about the nature and needs of the native plants of this area would be to volunteer some time working with them.” Before becoming our Treasurer, Lilly was Steward of the Subalpine Garden.

Jean Erreca, Irrigation Designer/Installerjderreca@gmail.com Jean grew up around Palo Alto, California on San Francisquito Creek which then supported rainbow and steelhead trout.  His interest in streams and fish began there.  He studied horticulture at Cabrillo College, Aptos, CA, (Certificate of Proficiency, Horticulture/Vocational Gardening, May 1999, Honorable Mention.) Studies included irrigation, soil conservation, arboriculture, greenhouse operations and native plants of the Pacific coastal regions.   He is currently a Washington State Irrigation Contractor doing business on the Olympic Peninsula as The Garden Plumber.  He is a WSU Water Watcher (class of 2006) and a North Olympic Salmon Coalition volunteer since 2006.

Sami Gray, Plant Propagatorsami.gray.pt@gmail.com

Sami Gray

Sami is a botanist, nurserywoman and professional gardener.  She did graduate work in plant systematics at Oregon State University in the ‘90s, including a project culminating in the naming of a new species of alpine grass.  She has done botany field work, worked in retail nurseries, operated her own very small nursery, collected native seeds as a subcontractor, and done copy editing, fact-checking and occasional writing for botany publications.

She currently offers professional garden maintenance, coaching and consulting in the North Kitsap/Bainbridge Island area ( www.northkitsap-homeservices.vpweb.com ).  “I  particularly love seeds, and enjoy the process of propagation from either seeds or cuttings.”

Ellen Larkin, Kul Kah Han Nursery Manager packard@olypen.com

photoofellenlarkin-large-1Ellen has been working at the KKH Native Plant Garden since 1999 when she attended a free native plant class announced on the Visitor Center reader board. Linda Landkammer offered the class in exchange for working at the garden. “I was drawn back to the garden for the joy of sharing sunny summer days with Linda and the other volunteers. The camaraderie along with the exchange of expertise and experiences while working side by side with other plant lovers compliment the sense of being part of something larger. I find satisfaction in nurturing the plants and seeing how beautiful the garden looks after each day’s work. Passers-by often stop to praise the garden. Volunteering becomes a valuable addition to time spent in my own garden, where only a few people see the results”  Before moving to Washington, Ellen gardened in the “breaks” of the Missouri River surrounded by thousands of acres of prairie and corn listening to the mourning doves, meadow larks and the wind in the cottonwoods. Having withstood the munching bunnies, coyotes and cattle, leafy spurge and Canadian thistle, cold, heat and blowing dust of gardening in South Dakota, she particularly enjoys the early and lingering spring and lush native flora of the Olympic Peninsula. Before becoming our Nursery Manager, she served as  signage writer, Edgeland Steward and Montane Steward.

Dixie Llewellin, Plant Identificationdixiellewellin@yahoo.com Dixie is a long time member of Washington Native Plant Society and former Chair of the Olympic Peninsula Chapter. She has been the project manager, inspirational leader, and volunteer coordinator for the past 10 years for the Kah Tai Prairie Preserve project in Port Townsend. Other local projects include volunteering and design work for the Froggy Bottoms Wetland Restoration and Point Wilson Native Habitat Protection and Restoration Project. Dixie has also worked as a wetlands specialist for over 18 years for Olympic Wetland Resources, Inc.

Joanie Beldin – Photographer
The opportunity to be the photographer at Kul Kah Han was the perfect blend of my love of photography and my growing interest in native plants. I’ve been taking plant pictures for many years – I love their texture, form, colors, seasonal changes – just their shear beauty.  It is my hope that those who cannot visit the garden to see all these wonderful plants in person  will be able to appreciate and enjoy them through these photographs.

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Stefanie Anderson, Meadow Garden -2008

What inspires Stefanie is the positive association between planting native plants and the habitat that it fosters. Her interest in native plants was inspired by a visit to a demonstration garden and talk about 15 years ago.  Someone stated during that presentation that what she looked for in a garden was “activity.” How many birds, bees, snakes, frogs are wandering around in your garden?  “I get the greatest pleasure from doing a near daily “inspection”, usually in my bathrobe, coffee in hand to see who’s been in my garden.  So far it’s been: dragonflies, lizards, salamanders, ducks, hawks and other birds, snakes, coyotes, the ubiquitous deer, raccoons and bats. That is quintessential gardening to me – planting to promote habitat. Using native plants to attract the local fauna.”

And Very Special Thanks To. . .

The conscientious young men from the Graywolf Ranch Community Service Program, Coordinated by Kathy Goldsmith. Jefferson County Community Service youth under the direction of Kurt Munnich.