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Rhododendron macrophyllum – Pacific Rhododendron

An erect. branched evergreen shrub to 10′ tall with leathery, thick, elliptic leaves. Clusters of pink, bell shaped, 5 lobed flowers. Forms an extensive shrub layer in forests from the coast to middle elevations in the mountains. Blooms more profusely … Continue reading

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Polemonium pulcherrimum – Showy Jacob’s Ladder

A multi-stemmed perennial to 14″ tall. Compound leaves, with pairs of 1/2″ opposite leaflets, resembling ladder rungs. Bell shaped flowers – blue (occasionally white) with yellow centers, clustered at the ends of the stems. Blooms May to July. Found in … Continue reading

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Dicentra Formosa – Bleeding Heart

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Berberis aquifolium – Tall Oregon Grape

An evergreen shrub to 6′. Glossy compound leaves with 5-9 leaflets, 3 veins and spiny teeth. Clusters of bright yellow flowers in the spring which become tart, edible berries turning blue when ripe. Found in drier, more open sites than … Continue reading

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Eriophyllum lanatum – Woolly sunflower

This is a lovely 10″-15″ multistemmed perennial. Leaves are bluish green, 1-3″ long, woolly and deeply lobed. Single, yellow ray flowers surround a prominent disc flower. Found in dry open habitats on bluffs and slopes. Native from S. BC to … Continue reading

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Eriogonum umbellatum – Sulphur buckwheat

A spreading perennial with a crown of prostrate branches forming mats up to 2 feet wide. Spoon shaped leaves are greenish above and gray, woolly below. Flowers are light to deep yellow on compact clusters atop 3″-12″ stems. Found on … Continue reading

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Antennaria lanata – Woolly pussytoes

A tufted perennial 6″ tall. Thick white woolly stems with narrow and upright basal leaves. A few stem leaves. Compact clusters of white flowers at the tips. The woolly leaves may help the plant retain heat and water in the … Continue reading

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Spiraea densiflora – Subalpine Spiraea

Native to SW British Columbia to California. This is a lovely deciduous shrub which grows to  2 feet. Oval leaves turning bronzein the fall. The plantbears fragrant, fuzzy flattopped pom-pons of brightrosy pink flowers in the summer. Found in  moist … Continue reading

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Phylodoce empetriformis – Red Mt Heather

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Paxistima myrsinites – Oregon Boxwood

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