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Volunteer Openings

CURRENT VOLUNTEER OPENINGS as of JUNE 2010: WATER NEWLY PLANTED SPECIES: Once a week (for about 2 hours) follow pre- planned watering schedule in designated beds.   Lots of quiet time while hand watering and you can boost the psyches … Continue reading

Native Plant Appreciation Week Event 5/1/10

22 people braved the unusual cold dip of May 1st to attend our Native Plant Appreciation Week presentation by Dennis Burk on beneficial micorrhizae: “Talk Fungi to Me”. Linda Landkammer, our Designer-In Chief, extended a welcome to all and a … Continue reading

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The Relationship Between our Local Song Birds and the Native Plants at Kul Kah Han Gardens

Compiled by R.Sikes. 1.American Wildlife & Plants by Martin, Zim, & Nelson. 2. Personal observation KUL KAH HAN NATIVE PLANT GARDEN – EDGELAND PLANT ITEM EATEN BIRD Amelanchier canadensis – Serviceberry Fruit Northern Flicker, House & Purple Finch, Evening Grosbeak, … Continue reading

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