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Montia parviflora – Streamside Spring Beauty

Telmiea menziesii – Piggy-Back Plant (DAMP)

Mahonia nervosa – Low Oregon Grape

                          Photos by Joanie Beldin

Myrica californica – California Wax Myrtle

An evergreen shrub to 12′ tall. Lance shaped leaves dotted with black waxy glands and small white flowers born on catkins. Found on the coast from southern Wa. north to Vancouver Island Sun or partial shade. Handsome garden plant.   … Continue reading

Erythronium revolutum – Pink Fawn Lily

Vancouveria planipetala- Redwood Inside-out Flower


Iris tenax – Oregon Iris

Penstemon cardwellii – Cardwell’s Penstemon

Vaccinium deliciosum – Cascade Huckleberry

A deciduous shrub to 12″ tall. Pale green leaves, toothed on the upper margins. Pink urn shaped flowers followed by glaucous (white, waxy) and delicious blueberries. Found in meadows, open forest and tundra in montane areas.

Penstemon fruticosus – Shrubby Penstemon

An evergreen sprawling plant to 14″ tall. Ovalish leaves, entire or short toothed. Lilac purple flowers in late spring. Alba variety has white flowers.