Supporters and Donors 1998-present

 Matt Albright, Olympic National Park  Donated Mt. Heathers-Ledums-Mt. Huckleberries, etc. – 2003 to 2006
 Matt Berberich  Irrigation installation – 2008
 John Camastro of Moving Earth  Donated the madrona log seats for the Communication Circle – 2005
 Dorothy Cotton  Catered refreshments for Native Plant Society/Master Gardener Appreciation Day – 2008
 Audrey Miles Cherney  Botanical drawings for the Self Tour Guide – 2003
 David Deardorff  Speaker for Native Plant Appreciation Event – 2007
David Deardorff, Washington State University Extension Office Stirred interest among Master Gardeners – 2001
 Marion Edain & Steve Erickson  Donated 15 large allium cernuum bulbs – 2011
 Jean Erreca  Irrigation designer – 2009
 Patty Ferry  Donated 18 Flowering Currants – 2003
Lynn Fitch, President – Wild Olympic Salmon, 1997 Held meetings to initiate idea – 1998
Tom Furseth, Chimacum High Horticulture teacher Students grew seeds 3 years – 2001 to 2004
Fred Hill Materials  Donated boulders – 2001
Gardens at 4 Corners  Donated 10% of profit ($289) from one Saturday 5-29-2004
 Gathering Place  Donated $100 for plants – 2001
Susan Grantham, Washington State University Water Watchers Emails to Water Watchers – 2004
Jim Hackman, President – Wild Olympic Salmon 2000
Molly Hilt, Jefferson County Parks Maintenance III & Assistant Parks Foreman Appropriated materials/made repairs – 2000 to Present
 Bill Irwin  Built and donated kitchen shelter to Wild Olympic Salmon – 1998
 Erica Iseminger, Master Gardener  Donated Iris douglasia and Boykinia major – 2008
 Mall Johani  Researched and wrote history for brochure – 2001Designed Alevin logo for Gardens – 2002,Made black and white drawing of Chief Kul Kah Han – 2002
 Mike Kennedy Created a subpage within W.O.S.’s website for KKH – 2004
Al Latham, Conservation District Manager 2000
John Liczwinko   Designed/built mosaic wall with name of garden on it. – 2003
Master Gardeners – (Through Sarah Fairbank)  Donated 5 Garry oaks, 3 Redtwig dogwoods – 2004
 Wendy McClure, President, Native Plant Society  Rescued Pac Rhodies from roadside – donated 2001Rescued False Lily of the Valley – donated 2007
Native Plant Society, Washington State, Catherine Hovanic, President 2001
Sandra Petranek, WOS volunteer Coordinator 1999
 Sam Parker  Donated boulders for Sub Alpine – delivered by Fort Flagler employee – 2003
Pam Pierson, Washington State University Water Watchers Organized delivery of 2 water catchment barrels – 2004
 Port Ludlow Garden Club  Gave $60 for Sub-Alpine plants in memory of Myrdelle Teaford – 2004
Joseph Riden Publicist – 2004 to 2006
 Rosario Nursery, Anacortes, WA  Donated a Mt. Hemlock for Montane Garden –2004
 Wendy & Stephen Schmidt  Donated 5 Snowberry plants – 2010
Fayla Schwartz, Everett Community College WNPS Education Committee Chair – 2000
 Jill Silver  Suggested and attended meetings to discuss potential support for moving forward to finish the garden
 Pat Smith, owner of Bills Garage in Chimacum  Donated many Sitka Spruces – 1996
 Bob Snow  Typing & computer work on our Self Tour Guide – 2003
Warren Steurer, Jefferson County Parks Director 1998
 Carol Street  Donated Pyrola asarifolia – 2008
Matt Tyler, Jefferson County Parks & Recreation Manager 2007 to present
 Washington State Native Plant Society  Awarded grant for plant I.D. signage stakes. $420 – 2004
 Ann Weinmann  Donated Camas plants & other seeds leftover from Kah Tai Prairie – 2005
Keith Wheller, Master Gardener  Donated boulders & created natural looking boulder foundation for Montane Garden – 1999
Sue Walker, President – Wild Olympic Salmon, 1998
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