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Malus fusca – Pacific Crabapple

A small deciduous tree with toothed leaves, irregular lobes and pointed tips. Fragrant white to pink blossoms produce small, tart but edible yellow or reddish apples. Found in moist woods and upper beaches.        

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Heuchera chlorantha – Meadow alumroot

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Carex obnupta – Slough Sedge


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Sorbus scopulina – Western Mountain Ash

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Rhamnus purshiana – Cascara

A tall deciduous shrub or small tree to 30′. Oval, pleated leaves with bold veins. Small yellow green flowers becoming edible blackish berries. Smooth, gray bark. Found in shady mixed woods. The bark is the source of Cascara sagrada, a … Continue reading

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Acer glabrum – Douglas Maple

A deciduous shrub or small tree to 25′ tall. Older bark greyish, newer twigs, reddish. Leaves divided into 3-5 lobes. Small greenish flowers bloom when leaves are out. Samaras (seed pairs) are V shaped. Found on low to mid dry … Continue reading

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Acer circinatum – Vine maple


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Polypodium scouleri – Leather-leaf Fern

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Penstemon davidsonii – Davidson’s Penstemon

An evergreen groundcover to 5″ tall forming dense mats via creeping/rooting stems. Small 1/4 – 1/2″ leathery deep green leaves. Flowers are purple to lavender with a hairy throat. Found on rocky ledges, granite or lava soils. Native mostly to … Continue reading

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