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Gymnocarpium dryopteris – Oak Fern

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Symphoricarpos albus – Snowberry, China Berry

A deciduous shrub to 5′ that form dense thickets. Oval leaves may be lobed when younger. White or pale pink flowers followed by waxy white berries last through winter. Found mainly in the foothills of B.C. and the Cascade Mts. … Continue reading

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Prunus emarginata – Bitter Cherry

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Alnus rubra – Red Alder

A deciduous tree to over 50′ with thin, smooth grey bark and white patches of lichens. The elliptic toothed leaves roll under slightly at the margins and stay green until dropping in the fall. Catkins grow abundantly in the spring. … Continue reading

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Rubus spectabilis – Salmonberry


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Blechnum spicant – Deer Fern

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Viola glabella – Yellow Wood Violet

A perennial flower, the largest native violet at 12″ tall. Basal leaves are heart shaped. Two – three serrated leaves with sharply pointed tips grow high on the stems along with brown veined yellow flowers. The top two petals are … Continue reading

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Rosa nutkana – Nootka Rose


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Oemleria cerasiformis – Indian Plum

A small tree or deciduous shrub to 15′ tall. Alternate, pale green lance shaped leaves that smell like cucumber when crushed. Male and female flowers on separate plants. White flowers are bell shaped with 5 petals – in groups of … Continue reading

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Smilacena racemosa – Western Solomon’s Seal

A perennial with broad eliptical 3- 8″ long alternate leaves on 3′ stems. Tiny white flowers bloom in dense 5″ long panicles. They are fragrant from mid-spring to early summer. Found in moist forests and meadows at low to mi-elevations. … Continue reading

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