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Ribes sanquineum – Red Flowering Currant

A deciduous shrub to 9′ tall with reddish brown bark. The rounded 5 lobed hairy leaves have serrated margins. Flowers are light to bright pink in drooping clusters, attracting hummingbirds in early spring. The blue-black berries are edible, but tasteless. … Continue reading

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Adiantum pedatum – Maidenhair Fern


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Disporum hookerii – Hooker’s Fairybells

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Trillium ovatum – Western Trillium

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Viola glabella – Yellow Wood Violet

A perennial flower – the largest native violet at 12″ tall. Basal leaves are heart shaped – 2-3 serrated leaves with sharply pointed tips growing high on the stems along with brown veined flowers. The top two petals are pure … Continue reading

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Fritillaria affinis – Checker Lily

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Iris douglasiana – Douglas’ Iris

A perennial flower with evergreen straplike leaves up to 3/4″ wide and up to 2/ long. Dark green with a reddish base. Tall stems hold one or more veined, red-purple flowers. Blooms all spring. 2″ long seed capsule. Found on … Continue reading

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Rubus parviflorus – Thimbleberry

A thornless shrub to 9′ tall. Leaves with 3-7 palmate lobes, finely fuzzy on both sides. Terminal clusters of white flowers are followed by red raspberry-like fruits that are insipid to sweet, depending on growing site and personal taste. Light … Continue reading

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Gaultheria shallon – Salal

An upright sprawling evergreen shrub 4- 5′ tall with leathery egg shaped leaves. White or light pink urn shaped flowers that droop. Reddish to dark purple edible berries. Found at low to medium elevations from forests, rocky bluffs to the … Continue reading

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Sambucus racemosa – Red Elderberry

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