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Abies lasiocarpa – Alpine Fir

A spire shaped evergreen tree to 20′ in 20 years. Smooth gray bark has resin blisters. Bluish green needles are dense, often with rows of white stomata on both surfaces. Small pollen cones and large seed cones. found in sub … Continue reading

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Lonicera involucrata – Black Twinberry

An erect shrub to 9′. Twigs are square. Leaves are opposite and lance shaped. Pairs of yellow tubular flowers and black shiny berries cupped by purplish bracts. Usually found in moist riparian zones and also clearings in the Olympics and … Continue reading

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Lupinus albicaulis – Pine Lupine


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Sisyrinchium douglasii – Blue-eyed Grass


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Quercus garryana – Garry Oak

A heavy limbed tree that can grow to 75′ tall, but is often short and crooked. The bark is light gray with thick furows and ridges and the leaves are alternate, round and lobed. Found in meadows and rocky habitats.

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Lonicera ciliosa – Orange Flowered Honeysuckle

A climbing vine to 20′. Opposite oval leaves, the end pair forming a disc. Trumpet shaped yellow orange flowers occur in whorls. The red berries may be poisonous. Found in woods and thickets at low to middle elevations. Native to … Continue reading

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Athyrium filix-femina – Lady Fern


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A deciduous perennial with compound basal leaves, dull gray green and twice divided into threes. Nodding flowers have red orange sepals and yellow petals up to 2″ across on the tops of 2 -3′ tall stems. Found in low to … Continue reading

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Polystichum munitum – Sword Fern (DRY)

A large tufted evergreen fern with leaves 3′ long, forming a crown from a stout, woody rhizome. Alternate pinnate leaflets. Found in moist forests at low to middle elevations. Full sun or part shade.  

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Pseudotsuga menziesii – Douglas Fir

An evergreen tree which lives for over 700 years and grows to over 150′ (40′ in 20 years). Bark becomes very thick, ridged, fluted and rough. Pointed buds. Needles are flat with a groove on the upper surface. Found in … Continue reading

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