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Maianthemum dilatum – False Lilly of the Valley

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Amelanchier alnifolia – Western Serviceberry

A deciduous shrub or small tree to 15′. Oval leaves purplish in spring, fiery in fall with teeth on 1/3 of outer edge, and soft silvery hair on undersides. White flower clusters on short racemes. Dark purple berries eaten by … Continue reading

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Potentilla gracilis – Graceful Cinquefoil

A deciduous perennial with bright green compound leaves. Two foot tall stems with 1″ wide yellow flowers. Found in meadows and clearings at low to middle elevations in the southern half of our region.

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Vancouveria hexandra – Inside-out flower

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Xerophyllum tenax – Bear grass

A 3 foot tall grass-like evergreen in the lily family. Finely toothed basal leaves in large clumps. Large plume of tiny cream flowers on long stalks. Common in open areas (meadows and clearings) and open to dense forest from near … Continue reading

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Dodecatheon hendersonii – Shooting Star

A perennial rosette of fleshy green, spoon shaped leaves. Purple pink flowers with bands of black and yellow on 8″ stalks in the late spring. Petals flex over the stem. Found to 5000′ in meadows and woodlands. Prefers moist, rich, … Continue reading

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Ledum groenlandicum – Labrador Tea

An evergreen shrub, 2 -5 feet tall. Alternate, lance shaped, often drooping leaves. Rusty hairs beneath older leaves. Numerous white flowers in umbrella like clusters. Native from Alaska, B.C. and Western Wa. Found in wet, acidic soils.

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Heuchera glabra – Alum root

A perennial, one foot tall.  Spreads by rhizomes. Long, heart shaped coarsely toothed leaves. One or more flowering stems with numerous small white flowers. Grows on moist rocky cliffs, in meadows with mosses, in streambanks and splash zones of streams … Continue reading

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Potentilla flabellifolia – Fan Leaved Cinquefoil

A dense, creeping perennial 6″ tall. compound leaves of 3 leaflets with serrated edges. Flowers with yellow heart shaped petals at the end of leafy stems. Found in moist meadows and scree slopes at subalpine to alpine elevations. Native from … Continue reading

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Camas quamash – Common Camas

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