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Volunteer Openings

CURRENT VOLUNTEER OPENINGS as of JUNE 2010: WATER NEWLY PLANTED SPECIES: Once a week (for about 2 hours) follow pre- planned watering schedule in designated beds.   Lots of quiet time while hand watering and you can boost the psyches … Continue reading

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Spiraea densiflora – Subalpine Spiraea

Native to SW British Columbia to California. This is a lovely deciduous shrub which grows to  2 feet. Oval leaves turning bronzein the fall. The plantbears fragrant, fuzzy flattopped pom-pons of brightrosy pink flowers in the summer. Found in  moist … Continue reading

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Phylodoce empetriformis – Red Mt Heather

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Paxistima myrsinites – Oregon Boxwood

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Tsuga mertensiana – Mountain Hemlock

Mountain Hemlock is a common tree in the Pacific Northwest.

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